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Compression Packing

Course Details

The aim of this course is to reduce and prevent the leak of fugitive emissions and product loss by assisting technicians to recognise the signs of valve deterioration/compression packing failure and to use the correct compression packing techniques and materials to put effective maintenance routines in place.

Attendees will gain an understanding of the function of compression packing; its removal and inspection, and the installation of different packing types to valve glands and stuffing boxes. Safety and trapped pressure awareness are a primary focus.

The course is partially workshop-based and practical training is delivered in our custom-built training workshop.

Course Content

Overview of a Gland Seal and types of valves to find them in
Common failures of compression packing
Compression Packing types and material
Inspection techniques
Installation techniques
Correct performance of removal and installation
Correct Re-sizing of materials
Focus on safety and risk awareness

Course Objectives

Following training, attendees will be able to:
List the valves that may have gland packing issues
Understand the theory behind how compression packing works
Identify the relevant packing types and materials
Use the correct inspection techniques
Carry out the correct removal and installation procedures
Understand the potential risks and relevant safety precautions

Who Should Attend

This course has been designed for engineers, operators and mechanical technicians


1 Day programme


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