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Essential Valve Knowledge Level 2

Course Details

The aim of this in-depth course is to provide a strong understanding of valves and their associated equipment in relation to basic design, function and non-invasive maintenance solutions for specific valve types.

Through a combination of theory and workshop-based training, delegates are given the opportunity to strip down various valve types, gaining a real understanding of their components and functions.

Attendees will be able to identify and operate a range of valve types, spot the early warning signs of any potential problems and test valves to ensure they are functioning correctly. They will understand when and how to apply basic valve maintenance techniques.

The course focuses on the following valve types:

Pressure Safety Valves
Plug Valves
Ball Valves
Control Valves
Gate Valves
Butterfly Valves
Check Valves
Globe Valves
Needle Valves
Choke Valves
Bellows Valves
Workshop-based training also covers:

Seats & Seals
PSV Calibration
Non-Invasive Maintenance
Pressure Forces
Pressure Testing
Practical training is delivered in our custom-built training workshop. The workshop is extensively resourced with a full range of specialist equipment including hydrostatic and gas test cells, a PSV test cell and a simulated flow spool.

An extensive range of training valves in a variety of conditions is used during workshop sessions to provide training delegates with experience in realistic working scenarios.

Course Objectives

Following training, attendees will be able to:
Identify different valve types and their basic design function
Operate various valve types and identify potential problems
Function test valve and state if a valve is working correctly
Recognise when to maintain a valve
Carry out basic valve maintenance
Identify potential problems that may cause loss of production or situations with safety implications

Who Should Attend

This course has been designed for engineers, operators and mechanical technicians.


4 Day programme


Monday 13th – Thursday 16th of March 2023.

Please enquire about further Essential Valve Knowledge Level 2 dates below.

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