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Direct Spring PSVs

Course Details

It's paramount for safety that anyone working around PSVs understands how they function, has the ability to recognise common faults and knows exactly how to rectify these. Score has provided comprehensive PSV overhaul and test services for all types of relief valve to the energy industries worldwide for over 30 years. Our team of over 100 field service technicians are trained in-house and our courses are continually updated based on experiences in the field, making our training team second to none when it comes to PSV training.

This course focuses on the benefits of Direct spring PSV use and an understanding of the theory surrounding their operation, calibration, troubleshooting, overhaul and test procedures. Training includes a workshop-based session and attendees will gain an understanding of relevant terminology and industry standards.

Training focuses on:

The reason for pressure relief devices
Types of PSV
PSV terminology
PSV operation
Causes of improper performance
Manufacturer type/model numbering systems
Conventional PSV calibration/balanced PSV calibration
Maintenance programmes
PSV overhaul and test procedures
Practical session (conventional and bellows)
Practical training is delivered in our custom-built training workshop, resourced with a full range of specialist equipment including a PSV test cell.

An extensive range of training valves in a variety of conditions is used during workshop sessions to provide training delegates with experience in realistic working scenarios.

Particular brands of PSV may be sourced for training on request.

Course Objectives

Following training, attendees will be able to:
Identify various PSV types, including conventional, bellows and pilot operated
Describe their function and operation
State common defects
Test and certify conventional and bellows PSVs
Understand key elements of strip and refurbishment processes

Who Should Attend

This course has been designed for engineers, operators, mechanical technicians and valve buyers.


2 Day programme


Please enquire about further Direct Spring PSVs dates below.

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