Score Training Opens Its Doors

On Tuesday 25th October, the doors of Score Training were opened to old and new customers to provide a taster of the services that we can provide.

Held at the Score Training facility based within Admiralty Gateway, Peterhead; the event was attended by oil and gas industry engineers, technicians and maintenance personnel – All of whom were invited to gain an appreciation for the range of services provided by Score Training, along with one or two complementing services provided by Score (Europe) Limited.

Open from 11am-3pm, the event comprised of two theory based sessions for groups looking to increase their awareness of a range of valve types and fail modes, an open exhibition and networking lunch on some of Score’s services, and live workshop demonstrations extracted from just a few of Score Training’s hands-on technical training courses.

There was a series of short workshop-based demonstrations focused on activities taken from a small selection of Score Training courses – These included familiarisation and rebuild of various actuators, use of hand and hydraulic equipment for breaking and assembly of various joint types and the strip down, rebuild and reset of PSVs.

Score (Europe) Limited demonstrated their mobile PSV testing containers, non-destructive testing services and onsite services mobile unit; a unit that can deliver a full range of engineering services including PSV re-certification, pressure testing, joint integrity and machining to any site, at any time, eliminating the need to send equipment away for repairs.

In the exhibition area we showcased a range of services offered externally by Score Training such as Presenter-led technical training courses and graphic design services including the creation of safety and promotional video. Score Training designed e-learning system VITAL was also demonstrated for the first time. Delegates learned that the VITAL system, which has been used within the Score Group of companies for over fifteen years, holds one of the largest collections of engineering based training modules in the world and that the system is now available for use by third party companies.

The main focus of the event was to provide an insight into Score Training courses, to showcase new services and to discuss with customers the ways in which Score Training can be flexible in developing customer-focused content that will help personnel to diversify and save costs in the long term.
It was great to see some previous training customers and to meet with some new. Score Training looks forward to working with both groups in the near future.

For more information on the range of training courses Score can provide visit:

Score Training Lunch and Learn
Score Training Lunch and Learn