Score Training Unveil Much Anticipated Compression Packing Course


October will see Score Training instructors deliver tuition in Compression Packing for the first time as they launch their newest training course.

The course comes as the UK HSE make gland packing leaks a focus. Valve leakage is not only expensive to the industry but can be dangerous, toxic and potentially fatal. Oil or gas leaking from any process poses a massive threat to the plant, personnel and the environment causing a risk of fire, oil spills or explosions and increasing the volume of hazardous releases to the atmosphere. In order to comply with HSE standards, adequate measures to regulate aggressive substances MUST be in place, but ensuring a workforce have the know-how to maintain such practices can be a difficult and costly procedure.

Score Training has developed a solution; the one-day Compression Packing course aims to develop an understanding of the function of compression packing along with an appreciation for different packing types, necessary procedures and an awareness of the risks involved. The course, a blend of classroom based theory and practical workshop experience, coaches personnel to control risks before dangerous situations are given the opportunity to arise.

The course is part of Score Training innovative Hydrocarbon Containment Management Programme™ but will be available individually to Score personnel and third party clients alike from 1st October. External interest has already been shown in the course and Score Training hope to take their first bookings within the next few weeks.

Part of the New Score Training Compression Packing Course
Part of the New Score Training Compression Packing Course