Latest “Be Safe” Video Created by Score Training is Launched


The newest “Be Safe” video – a range of short safety awareness videos produced by Score Training – is now available to view in the “Our Work” section of the website.

The video has been produced to show the dangers presented by stored energy in actuators, heightening awareness of a major safety hazard.

3D animations replicate the action of a spring inside an actuator spring can; enhancing the viewer’s understanding of how the actuator works whilst real video footage demonstrates the catastrophic results of a spring return actuator being removed from a seized ball valve.

The film emphasises the importance of recognising the potential for stored energy in spring return actuators when it cannot be determined whether or not a valve is seized and outlines the key steps that should always be taken in order to stay safe.

Other videos in the “Be Safe” series focus on the dangers of uncontrolled spring or pressure releases, flogging, the failure of a pressure retention envelope and dangers to hands whilst carrying out seemingly low-risk tasks.

A Section of Our Be-Safe Videos can be found here
A Selection of Our Be-Safe Videos can be found here